Fastest Phone Charger, Ultra Fast Charging, Auto Detect Device

Ultra Fastest Phone Charging

My personal experience, now the mobile world is changing very fast if you don’t use fastest phone charger you don’t act smart then you will remain back.

The points in red are very important

When it comes to mobile charging, this is the most irritating part of life, before going outside the first thing we have to watch is the mobile charge, if you are traveling then It becomes a must, every work suffers if the mobile is not completely charged.

Well we have to go according to the technology, we must use the best charger to keep up the pace, and the best fastest phone charger I have experienced is the Ultra Fast Type C Charger For Nokia 5.3 Original Type C Charger Original Adapter Wall Charger Type-C Mobile Charger Fast Charging Mobile Charger Type C Fast Charger Type C Android Charger with 1 Meter USB Type C Charging Data Cable DASH (3.1Amp, RED ).

The reason for saying this is the connector, this charger is perfect for Indian standard connector, either you are at home or in office or in train or in a bus, the connector is common in Indian industrial standard. In other countries, the connectors will be different for 110 volt and 220 volt. But in India only one type of connector is common 220 volt, but in train and bus the supply is 110 volt but the connector is same this is the beauty of standard connector shape.

Another beauty of this fastest phone charger is Auto Detects the connected device and charges it at the fastest speed of the device, and hence it is called smart charger.


Company claims, India’s smallest charger with 3.1 amp power supply. Exclusive quick charge technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device – ensuring the quick and most efficient charge.

Fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell for durability, built-in premium circuitry and microchip ensure device safety.

Good Charging Speeds Most Powerful – Charge any USB powered devices at top speed continuously

These are the top reasons which makes this fastest phone charger, in short it is called ultra fast type c charger.

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Fast charging is need of time, everyone is busy and don’t want to waste time waiting fro mobile get fully charged, it happens with me whenever I travel to Bangalore, I always think of chaging my mobile and at the last minute I remember, due to which I bought 4 battery backup.

But since I have bought this fast phone charger, my problem is solved , I just put my mobile on charge when I start my tea, and till I complete my tea my mobile will be 100% charged.

Ever since this I never miss a call and I never miss a meeting, I just salute the technology, which made it possible to upgrade our leaving style.

I even advoiced my friends to get this immediatly and all my friends have bought it and enjoying the comfort of fast charging.


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