Krifton Mobile Accessories Universal Portable Three-Sided Pyramid Shape Desktop/Table Mobile Holder Stand – Anti Slip, Multi Angle (Any Color)

The beautiful pyramid shape mobile stand, the real beauty is easy to use no much technical the only technical thing is the product has 3 very comfortable angles and if you keep your mobile in portrait and if you keep the same mobile in landscape then again the same comfortable angle will give a different look.

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The product is dam cheap, the best advantage is we can use this in the office, or even our kids can use the mobile in comfortable position and attend the online class, there is nothing much to do like use the clip or holders will spoil the mobile, there is nothing to scratch your mobile and at the same time the scientifically studied pyramid shape mobile stand will do remarkable advantages.

Another beauty of pyramid shape mobile stand is the product is made of anti slip silicon material and your mobile will be held without fear of slipping and falling down.

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The product comes in different colors but I love blue color and I will feel the pyramid shape will be just lucky for me and hence I bought pyramid shape mobile stand, but this has got so many advantages I never imagined and now I am realizing.

Pyramid Shape Mobile Stand at Through Away Nuts Price

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One more advantage of this product is we can even keep the laptop monitor thin film, and comfortably you can sit in your comfortable seat and work online.

One product and many advantages I never saw such a simple looking product will have so many advantages.

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First I bought for me then after seeing the advantages I bought it another for my son, the price is just through away nuts, I never thought we can get such a beautiful product at such a low price.

Thanks to the smart technological thinking of the designer of this product, he must be a genius I bet.

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Free Your Hands this smaller than normal work area stand can give a free from any and all harm mount for your cell phones and tablets, vertical or flat. Presently it is the ideal opportunity for you to offer your hands a reprieve, and appreciate recordings, readings, face time, perusing the web and other hands free activity.

Movable Multi-Angle you can acclimate to your favored point among 10 distinctive review points, and watch recordings in a more agreeable position. It is not difficult to work, and simply push the back board to an ideal point. Tough and Reliable Made of premium strong ABS material, thickness: , making it durable and secure.

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Very much positioned elastic feet shield your gadget from potential scratches Extensive Compatibility With 14 x 8mm support plan, this adaptable cell phone stand is all around intended for each of the 4″- 7.9″ PDA, tablet and small scale tablet.

Life has become so easy, I can watch tv in the office, I can watch a movie, I can give this to my kids and they can attend the online class, I can give this to my wife and she can watch cooking recipe and make nice items.

Just last week she made vada paw by watching the recipe on youtube, it was awsome, I love this product, I don’t know why peope are buying costly products they can buy this and enjoy all the features

Panga math le we love this

☀ Features

➤ Stylish Innovative Design with Compact Size.

➤ It is viable with most cell phones and tablets.

➤ Anti-slip holds gave at the base to better dependability.

➤ Perfect for work area or table to watch recordings, read, peruse And likewise use to photograph outline stand and so on

➤ Sync charging your gadget. Focused on giving you excellent item.

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