ELV 3 Modes Selfie Beauty Ring Light (Rechargeable) LED Flash White Light for iPhone, Android & iPad Series – Black the Best

The beauty of selfie ring light flash ring light!

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This gadget selfie ring light is trending in the market and one of my close friend who is having a photo studio bought this selfie ring light, I asked him why did you buy he said this selfie ring light flash is really a very nice product the picture quality will enhance a lot, the beauty is that it will not even effect the eyes.

The design is also very attractive, girls normally prefer to buy this because they are always having a craze of putting selfie pics on Instagram, and this enhance quality will add extra charm to the glamour.

I love this product this product made me feel I am celeb, this unit is just made beautifully design by the best engineer

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This is what actually we all want glamour and beauty at one place.

I truly love the way this gadget slefie flash ring cuts on to the mobile, PC, or IPad. It is really simple to utilize and is lightweight yet strong and all around made. I very much want this to my stand lighting which is pleasant excessively yet cumbersome on occasion and occupies a ton of room when I need to utilize my PC at my work area.

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It has a catch with three diverse light settings. The lights are the ideal measure of brilliance. Adequately brilliant to illuminate my face however not really splendid that it harms my eyes.

Selfie Ring Light, ELV 3 Modes Selfie Beauty Ring Light (Rechargeable)
Selfie Ring Light, ELV 3 Modes Selfie Beauty Ring Light (Rechargeable)

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I utilize the light for Zoom gatherings and occasions and I even utilized it to apply my cosmetics. It’s a decent size light and lightweight yet solid. I figure this would be an extraordinary resource when going too. I love that the light is battery-powered. The light is round and is about 3.5 crawls in periphery.

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It doesn’t accompany a charging link, be that as it may, and my charger for my Apple telephone was excessively enormous (I have a charger for a 6S, not certain if there is a refreshed adaptation for the more current IPhones). My Android USB charger which is more modest fit impeccably into the little opening.

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The bundling for this item is simply stunning. It’s anything but a container that you open like a blessing box (the cover comes totally off the base) and there’s a space in the center to hold the light for simple putting away. The case estimates 5″ and is square. I store the light in the container in a cabinet by my PC when not utilizing. It doesn’t occupy an excess of room.


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This item accompanies a 1 year guarantee. I feel that is quite cool. The little booklet that accompanies the light likewise gives you complete information toward another item (this light arrives in a smaller than expected form also which would be cool to get). It additionally accompanies a Selfie ring light instructional exercise and you can likewise get elevating the item to your adherents in the event that you are a web-based media individual.

Generally speaking

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This is an amazing buy. I enthusiastically suggest it. It’s a cool device for anybody from the normal individual to Social media stars. It’s anything but’s a need these days when we are totally stuck at home and essentially imparting to have a decent light since lighting is so imperative to looking great on camera. This light doesn’t baffle and will make you look better in the virtual world. Furthermore, in the event that you love taking selfie ring lights this is going to up your game for sure!!

Go with the trend and rest follow you.

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