This tripod kit is Amazing for the price!

Now after the covid lockdown has worn out and we are able to travel properly, I think it’s going to be perfect when I travel and shoot.

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This gadget comes with two great travel bags for the gear.

The tripod itself only took a moment to open and a minute or two to attach the light, the phone holder, the phone and then adjust in short easy to open and close.

I like the options the lights give me. They are bright and clear, but (aside from the dimmer) I don’t really see me having much use for them. But it’s nice to have options.

Since I bought this product I feel I am a celeb, I enjoy taking selfi, I love the light

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The bluetooth controller is a nice touch. One could buy their own at a 99 percent store, but they saved me a trip and move.

Just No app to fiddle with. The beautiful best flexible phone holder is very nice, but it is rather large to place in the middle of the light without bending it in crazy directions.

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It likes to guest star in a number of my projects if I’m not listening .

And this leads to my only problem. In the product description under “In

The Box” there’s a picture of all the pieces in the ring light tripod kit.

Piece number 5 didn’t come with my ring light tripod kit. I think it’d be the piece that anchors the phone to the sunshine without having the arm there and within the way.

That would’ve made life a little easier. But honestly? I could care less. this is an amazing ring light tripod kit for an amazing price with an amazing warranty. I’m not mad at it. In fact, I’m in love…LIGHTS

Ring Light with Tripod Stand - New 12 Inches Big LED Ring Light with 6 feet Stand for Camera Smartphone.YouTube Video Shoot/Makeup Shoot/Studio Shoots/Instagram Video Shoot. Many More.
Ring Light with Tripod Stand – New 12 Inches Big LED Ring Light with 6 feet Stand for Camera Smartphone.YouTube Video Shoot/Makeup Shoot/Studio Shoots/Instagram Video Shoot. Many More.

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It has a catch with three diverse light settings. The lights are the ideal measure of brilliance.

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Adequately brilliant to illuminate my face however not really splendid that it harms my eyes.

Easy to use and the size of light tripod

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I ring light tripod the light for fold and Zoom gatherings and occasions and I always used it to play my glamour. It’s a proper size light and lightweight yet solid and strong.

I figure this would be the best ring light tripod when going too far. I love that the light is battery-powered.

Folding Capability ring light tripod

It doesn’t accompany a portable, be that as it may, and my charger for my android mobile was excessively enormous.

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The Device Bundling

The gadget bundling for this item is simply beautiful. It’s anything but a container that you open like a blessing box and there’s a space in the center to hold the light for simple putting away at a distance.

I store and carry the light in the container in a cabinet by my PC when not use it. It doesn’t occupy an excess of area.


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I feel that is quite warm unit which makes mind cool. The little information that accompanies the ring light tripod likewise gives you complete information toward another using manual, which would be cool to get.

It additionally accompanies a gadget instructional exercise and you can likewise get elevating the item to your adherents in the event that you are a web-based media individual.

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Generally speaking ring light tripod

This is an amazing gadget is good for buy. I sincerely suggest it. It’s a chilling cool device for anybody from the normal individual to Instagram users.

It’s anything a need these days and trending in the market when we are totally stuck at home and essentially imparting to have a decent light since lighting is so imperative to looking great on camera.

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This size is very comfortable and the light doesn’t baffle and will make you look better in the virtual world.

Furthermore, in the event that you love taking this gadget is going to up your game for sure!!

Best things are always best

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