Best Screen Cleaning Kit, Lapcare 5-in-1 with Suction Balloon, 5 Reasons

The Best Screen Cleaning Kit

This screen cleaning kit, this designing is made by the best material in source and this glass screen cleaning are made of highest grade material, this material cleans the screen with precaution of maximum care of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile that makes your device screen smoother to the touch.

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This product is free from alcohol and other harmful toxic material, normally it is known fact that alcohol can damage the screen overtime and can sipped away oleo phobic coating of the devices.

This product effectively removes dirt, unwanted debris, undesirable smudges, unwelcome stains and fingerprints while making the device clear coat to reduce dust and static buildup.

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You can clean children’s Tablets / readers, portable gaming devices, laptop screens, keyboards, camera lenses and track pads and many more.

I have PC’s and TV’s from around 10 years that have never been properly cleaned because I didn’t know how to clean them with which material I can clean.

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Back in the 1990’s I would clean the monitor screens with iso-propyl alcohol or sometimes even I used petrol to clean them.

Screen Cleaning Kit, Lapcare 5-in-1 with Suction Balloon

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I actually would spray on the screens and wipe it off with soft cotton cloth – hey it works on the perfect of glass instruments, anyway, and then wipe that with a soft cloth because the instructions always warned not to use water or because I fear of electric shock, I heard the electric power in the tv screen will be very high etc.

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This product  is just awesome, Like just now I said I have LCD & Plasma screens that have not been cleaned properly since I bought them.

I cleaned my tv  LCD with this. Next thing I knew I was cleaning every surface of every device even including the surfaces protective coverings of wall art statue.

I feel it is funny to think all this back again right!

Hey, those screens and surfaces are as clean as fresh out of the box. No lie. I give 5 stars as far as I’m concerned. I never thought I’d actually utter these words “Where has this product been all my life, but I don’t know if new technology will come again here” but I really did. You will be very happy for buying this amazing product.

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In case you are wondering if this is a paid endorsement of some type, it is not. I am a very satisfied and happy buyer though.

My electronics gadgets  – spanking – new. Crazy. I’ve been this delighted about things I’ve bought before, but this is second only, well come to think of it tied with gone.

If you ever need stickers or something removed from a window or something check that this product out too. Seriously.

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5 Buy Reasons and Features
  • The special aqueous solution is designed by a special formula that is clear, odorless and also free from alcohol, ammonia, vinegar
  • We have made safety a priority hence we can assure you that the solution is non-toxic, non-streak, non-solvent, non-flammable in nature. It is also anti-static in nature and is also alcohol free
  • It is super safe to clean any cell phone, digital camera, PDA and LCD screens where this effectively removes any kind of fingerprints and grease without screen erosion or damage. You get 125 ml of our special solution that can keep your devices clean
  • We have included a special Microfiber cloth that will aid our special solution to clean your device from those smudges and grease
  • We have included a compact brush that can be used to clear out dust from tight spaces and for the places where the brush cannot reach we have included a suction balloon that will definitely help you
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